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Home Watch

 The primary advantage to using Home Watch Services of Pittsburgh specifically is how thorough they are, how communicative they are about the status of everything, and the impression that attention provides - that the home is being cared for by somebody who acts and thinks like an owner. A home is an investment but beyond that it's a personal space, and you want people who are trustworthy and capable to be watching it for you.            KS


broken water lines

My wife and I are away from our residence several months during the year. We feel it is very important to have someone reliable and knowledgeable to check on our home while we are away. For the past two years Jan and Doug have done a tremendous job looking out for us. 

We really didn't realize the issues that can occur while we are away. We thought if we just turn the water off and leave what could go wrong. However, we have had occurrences of important mail being delivered to our mailbox even though we were having it held at the post office. We have also had an issue with the water supply line leaking where it goes into the water meter before our shut off valve. In all these cases Jan and Doug, on their weekly visit, noticed the problems and helped us find a solution. They posted the mail to where we were staying and were able to let a plumber in to evaluate the leak. it is comforting knowing that we have these home watch professionals monitoring our home.     BB


House sitting


We have used Home Watch Services of Pittsburgh multiple times for periods ranging from one week to three months.  They have done an excellent job of looking after our home, forwarding our mail, and keeping us informed. We would highly recommend them.       JP